history-1The cold tolerant cotton was developed in Leland Mississippi by Dr. John Green and his partner Linwood Roberts. It was first proven in the field in 2000 that cotton could be planted early in central Mississippi and still maintain high yield. Seed was available for commercial release in 2001 when Douglass King marketed the seed in Texas.

Edward Jungmann and his wife Jane decided to purchase the seed rights in December of 2004 and continue to market the cold tolerant cotton. They have the exclusive marketing rights in the United States and promote the seed throughout the Delta, Mid-South, Southeast, South and Southwest.


Edward has been in the farming business since 1972. The primary crops that he produces are cotton and grain sorghum in a 50-50 rotation in South Texas.

He became involved with the cold tolerant cotton in 2001 when he was a Douglass King Seed dealer in South Texas. In 2001 he had a small test plot of the varieties available planted in early February whith the cotton getting a stand in a week. Normal planting time for cotton in South Texas is early to mid March.